World Premiere Event: The Performance Clinic


Have you ever wondered what makes successful people produce effective results? Are you seeking new ways to look at performance so you can conquer goals and achieve your full potential?

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On September 5 & 6, earn your certificate in performance at a world premiere two-day Performance Clinic summit in Vaughan, Ontario ? Performance 101 and Performance Prowess. This dual workshop will give you essential access to new levels of success as well as the required social context to amplify your performance. It’s a must-attend for entrepreneurs, business owners, professional investors, coaches:  life, athletic and executive; and wellness professionals: nutritionists, dietitians, yoga and pilates instructors.

For anyone pursuing results and chasing success, this workshop is for you. Whether it is in a business setting, the financial world or in your personal life, performance is always at play. This workshop is about taking on, learning and mastering the power of producing performance. It will teach you an action-based, results-oriented approach, allowing for superior performance in all areas of your life.

This is the first performance program ever to represent a consilience of thought leadership from research areas including sport psychology, human resilience, ontology of performance, mindfulness, nutrition and neuroscience. It will break down the source of performance and how to elevate it.

The program will be led by four distinguished leaders:

  • Kari L. Granger – Performance Program Head
    Ontology of Performance and Peak Human Excellence
  • Alan Cahn – Performance Coach, Facilitator and Researcher
    Ontology of Performance & Mindfulness
  • Richard Dolan – Performance Coach, Author, Researcher and REIN Vice President
    Performance Psychology
  • Kirsty Dunne – Adidas Brand Ambassador, Wellness Advisor and Strategist
    Diet, Nutrition, Wellness

This state-of-the-art workshop will reveal a three-part Performance Cycle, outlining the elements of peak performance and how to sustain it. But mastery does come with repetition; you won?t walk in a beginner and out a master. What you will walk out with is a clearly defined landscape of the actions you need to take to effectively master the power of producing performance. One of the main focuses of this event is to introduce you to different performances that you can participate in to help give you a healthier outlook on life. You may even be inspired to take up something like yoga for beginners after having the time to speak to these industry professionals and to take part in the workshops that are on offer. By doing this, you should be able to have the peak performance to allow you to conquer any obstacles that you may face in your journey.

Peak performance comes from an ability to harness some of the magic and power of what it means to produce results. This is an exclusive opportunity to discover what has been holding you back and elevate your performance to impressive new heights.

Don?t miss out on the Early Bird Special! Register by July 31 to receive a VVIP pass to the pre-event reception ? a $500 value. 

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