Yes! Investing in Real Estate Works: Watch, Listen & Learn From Everyday Investors Who Have Proven It (Their Lessons Can Make You Thousands of Dollars)


Join Patrick Francey (REIN CEO and host of The Everyday Millionaire Podcast) & JG Francoeur (REIN Chief Growth Officer) as he hosts an in-depth discussion with veteran real estate investors and REIN Members. Guests JG Francoeur, Denise & Stuart Macpherson and Trevis McConaghy share their journey with you in this open, authentic and real ‘in the trenches’ conversation of the many highs and lows of their real estate investing journey. Patrick asks probing question to uncover the story of how they got started along with their trials and tribulations of getting to where they are today.

“Anyone can invest in real estate, but there’s all sorts of reasons not to” Patrick points out.

This video webinar gets into the nitty gritty and not (always) so pretty aspects of real estate investing. It’s a must watch if you are considering or new to investing, feel stuck on your journey or if your looking for inspiration and expert guidance on the next steps you can take.

On this webinar, you’ll uncover important reasons not to invest in real estate (and of course, the many reasons why you successfully can!) You’ll learn firsthand some crucial (profit and loss) lessons from JG, Denise, Stuart’s and Trevis’s based on their extensive experience. From financing challenges to missed opportunities, to big wins and friends made this panel of experts offer money making and money saving advice for fellow investors and including answers to questions from the audience.

You’ll love this candid conversation and Q&A panel as the panels have some laughs, (mostly at themselves). And…as a bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with our Real Estate Specialists for a free consultation about your real estate investing goals and how REIN can assist you along your path.

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