Your Investor Summit is Coming to Calgary!

We just wrapped up a fantastic Authentic Canadian Real Estate (A.C.R.E) weekend in Toronto and can’t wait for round two in Calgary on March 6-8!

We’re thrilled to share this amazing feedback we received from an A.C.R.E Toronto attendee (AND one of our newest members!):

I arrived as a guest and came home a member of a new tribe 👊

The last 2.5 days have been filled with not only an insane amount of high value knowledge about real estate investing in Canada but also a seriously welcomed heart level experience.

What came as a nice surprise was the amount of content related to personal growth work…reminding us that there is so much more to becoming an investor and also in growing as an investor than just punching numbers, buying property and running a business.

The absolute best part is how very real and genuinely human the entire REIN team showed themselves to be. Even all of the guest speakers they brought in were awesome, relatable people and there was as much talk about starting out with nothing as there was about multi million dollar business and the various methods to achieve that.

I think a lot of us newbies get overwhelmed at the thought of becoming a real estate investor but this event really drove home that anyone can do it regardless of circumstance provided you are willing to put in the work, have the right values, surround yourself with a great team and invest in the right education. 🙂

The crowd was every bit as much full of women as it was men from what I could tell which was also a very welcome change to see in the business realm 👊❤️

Check out some of the photos I’ve shared below and look at how normal everyone was…this was an event for anyone who is serious about getting into real estate investing – not just for seasoned investors, I met people from all over Canada and from all walks of life.

Thank you sincerely for the opportunity to join both of you on this journey as well as the entire REIN community for such an incredible event!

Thinking about joining us in Calgary? Here’s why you need to be there!

A.C.R.E is an in-depth 2 and a half day event with in-the-trenches experts who are there to share, teach, guide and inspire you. One of the fastest ways to increase your financial education is to take the right action on your journey to secure your financial future. It is extremely beneficial for you to learn from people who have already accomplished what you are trying to achieve! A.C.R.E will give you a chance to hear predictions and investing strategies for 2020 from some of the best in the business. We’ll show you how to cut through the media hype and investment speculation so you can make smart, strategic decisions that will minimize your risks and maximize your returns in ANY market condition.

REIN’s Success Formulas for Financial Security & Certainty have allowed 151,000+ Canadians to generate $5.3 billion (and growing!) in real estate wealth. A.C.R.E will dive into these formulas, delivering non-stop learning, networking and connection with the REIN community.

The real estate landscape can be confusing and even intimidating at times, but we care about you and your family’s financial security, and have meticulously designed A.C.R.E to show you the PROPER and most effective ways to build your wealth through real estate investing. We’ll guide you on how to develop a plan as a real estate investor that is based on proven tactics, the right education & expert analysis and predictions.

It’s not about quitting your job to become a full time investor… It’s about getting educated and learning how you can reduce risk, by receiving guidance and taking advice from people who have done it before, so you can put yourself in the position to achieve financial CERTAINTY!

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