Your Is-ness is Our Business

Training for adversity is one thing, but when faced with the reality of adversity, how do we thrive and persevere through it? COVID-19 is impacting individuals, businesses, communities, and the economy on a global level—how are you dealing with it?

How we deal with adversity is what sets champions apart, according to Steffany Hanlen, Olympic and NHL Performance Coach. No champion gets to the top of their podium alone. We need our circle of support—friends, family, and colleagues in our inner circle that will walk alongside us throughout our trials. 

That is what the REIN community—the #REINfamily—is here for. Together, we care for and collaborate with one another. No one should suffer alone. Your is-ness is our business—we’re here to support each other as a community.  

Are you prepared to thrive in adversity? Do you have the right people around you, in your circle and community to support you? And, how will you contribute and give back to your community? 

Join Steffany Hanlen at the Champion’s Journey breakout session at REIN’s COVID Crisis SOS Conference: Strategies, Opportunities, Solutions for an interactive discussion on thriving in adversity; how to show up during a crisis; and how to make decisions based on facts, not fear. 

Spouses are welcome to attend the SOS conference for free – Register Now!

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